My name is Cristina Arola. I am from Barcelona, and I live in New York City since 2011. I won't say I don't miss Barcelona, specially my people, but love brought me here when I met my husband back in 2010, and since then my love for this city increased. Specially when I became a mom here when Oscar and Victor were born.

Being a mom changed my life completely. My priorities, my way of thinking about life, my every day... any mom will understand the feeling.

Something though didn't changed: a wish to help Women that I had since I was a child. When Oscar was born, I was lucky enough to meet some inspiring moms, some of whom still good friends now, who helped me find ways to make my dream become a reality.

As a continuation of one of the little project we made to help Women in a Bronx shelter, I decided to put together a recipe book with a family friendly recipe around the world. PROFITS WILL GO ENTIRELY TO HELP MOMS AROUND THE WORLD. Because nobody better than moms to help moms.

This Blog will be a logbook, from a project to reality!

#internationalrecipes #momshelpingmoms #familyfriendlysnacks

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