After my old son was born, my mommy friends and I discovered the power of motherhood and the unique cultural diversity that exist in NYC, and decided to organize a party to celebrate it! To give back to the community we belong, we found a way to help other moms and babies. We started the Super Mommies Multi Cultural annual parties, a celebration of motherhood and diversity. An international pot luck with a good cause...  

November 2013


In our first Multi Culti party, we wanted to help pregnant women, and in the NYU support groups where we all met,

we learned about AFYA foundation, a non profit that helps to improve labor conditions in Africa. 


We bought them birth kits: baby blankets, beanie hats, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer... 

November 2014


Daria and I had the idea of collecting tips, recipes and baby anecdotes from our international mommy friends to make a booklet with all this contributions and sell it to get funds to buy new warm hats and gloves for moms and babies in Siena House and first-need items for a women shelter in the Bronx. 


Inspired by the huge success of the booklet, I started collecting recipes from each of the 194 countries of the world in 2015... and I have some ideas of what I want to do with the collection, always thinking profits will serve to help Women worldwide. 

November 2015


And we did it again!! And this time with the inestimable help of Explore and Discover, an early education center that jump in the project with enormous enthusiasm.


In our third edition of the Multi Culti, we collected food for the NYC Food Bank and we also collected gently used and new products for NYC Mammas Gives Back a great project founded by one of our fellow NYU moms. 

November 2016


Another year hosted in the beautiful space of Explore and Discover, and with a growing 34 weeks baby inside my belly!


In our fourth edition of the Multi Culti party, we collected money to buy toys for a new parents and kids center created by Henry Street Settlement and we collected gently used and new baby products to bring to a Women Domestic Violence shelter in Manhattan. We also collected some jackets and coats for a Women Shelter in Midtown, close to where I used to live, because I saw some Women without a coat... 


When we took the donations to the shelters and saw the faces of the Women who work there, we knew will repeat in 2017... 

November 2017


And we did!


Another year nicely hosted in Explore and Discover, and this time with baby Victor outside my belly and with 10 months old!! 

Last year we collected gently used clothes, toys and baby items for the Single moms shelter in Queens, and we also collect money to buy the moms who live in this shelter new pajamas for Christmas... 

A huge success!!! 

And in 2018 will happen again!!! 

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